Alison is not in my fridge


Do you think she deserves a place in this fridge?


Abel and Cole have been!

Yep, Abel & Cole day and that IS purple sprouting broccoli, which will shortly be eaten in a cheesy sauce with the cauli and some pasta – Major Noms! The wine’s on death row now …. some for the cheese sauce, some for Mr Jen and the rest for me! Hurrah!!!

The wine is surviving!

So the half bottle of Vino Collapso survives another night …… but as it’s white, surely it should be drunk soon?

Monday 28th March

Fridge fortune tellingĀ  – I foresee meals of fajitas, stir-fry and quiche with salad coming up this week. And how long will that half bottle of wine survive? Stay tuned …..

Sunday 27th March

Saturday 26th March

Yes, that is a chicken defrosting and no, I’m not a vegetarian. Tried that, felt ill. It’s organic though – I try to get anything animal or thus derived as organic. Pricey yes but I just eat less meat.

Friday 25th March

With the addition of wine tonight – by special request from Lord Kenley (but he’s not coming over to drink it cos it’s MINE) ;0