Hidden cake



Can you spot the cake? Yep, I’ve hidden it behind the salad. You can have the salad …. lovely Greek salad …… the cake is mine, all mine!!! MWAAHHH HA HA HA!!!


The spoils of the weekend laid bare

It was a brilliant weekend – home made chocolate cake and far too much wine. Also hangover cola for Sunday. Was fun, now back to eating proper meals.

Water! Water!


The Rock’s Organic squashes have been moved aside in this hot weather for the Fridge Jug. I need cold water!

yes – and wine, although I wouldn’t recommend that wine there, it’s rough as ……

Cooking day coming up

Well, the lovely Abel and Cole did come yesterday, and we ate up the leftovers. Which means I need to do some cooking. Planning a huge choc cake, some soup, a macaroni cheese, a stir fry ….. then I wonder what I’ll have for lunch?

Ha ha – just kidding 🙂

I do need to use those eggs up though – how far beyond the sell by date can you go on eggs anyway?

And it’s Leftovers Night, oh what a night!

it’s time to get some food used up. Tonight’s dinner is quiche, leftover macaroni cheese, a leftover jacket potato and probably an omlette on the side.

What’s for dinner?


Tomatoes, mushrooms, leeks and courgettes – there MUST be a recipe out there for that lot!

How long does salad last?

That salad in the old cherry ice cream tub is a few days old now. I’ll check it out later but it got me to wondering about how old the salad bags in the major supermarkets are. It would be interesting to compare age and quality … ohh I can feel a project coming on …..