@abelandcole have been! Om nom nom nom

That cabbage is going to go down a treat … steamed with a knob of butter and some caraway seeds. The guinea pigs will get the outer leaves – they always enjoy their organic titbits!


Cure for boredom NOT in fridge!

Feeling a bit tired and bored today … and keep opening my fridge. It’s daft – the answer to fatigue and boredom doesn’t lie within it.

Weekday wine ….

Actually, it’s more leftover wine from the weekend but it would be rude not to open it

Rare sighting of leftover booze!


Yes, it’s absolutely true that leftover booze DOES indeed exist. I will probably take those cans of lager out later today and put them in the cupboard, then freeze the leftover wine into cubes, ready for manically defrosting when times get tough using in recipes which call for wine.

PYO Dinner coming up

Lots of leftovers in the fridge… it’s looking like we’ll be having a Pick Your Own dinner tonight. My Mum introduced me to those years ago, they’re a great way to get all the leftovers eaten up and you get a great variety of flavours in one meal. YUM!

The Fridge today – special @lordkenley edition!

Especially for my esteemed associates, the Rt Hon Lord Kenley and also for Lady Hall of Belper 😉

The Morning After …

The delivery from Abel and Cole … fridge now stuffed, door pretty empty though. annoyingly, I’m out most eves this week, so will have to do a cook up over the weekend or all that lovely veg will go to waste! And I can’t have that, I just can’t!