OMG it’s a mess!

Eek! don’t tell Kim and Aggie! They’ll hit me with this book- The Cleaning Bible: Kim and Aggie’s Complete Guide to Modern Household Management


Take a leek

Ran out of onions, but have in-season leeks to the rescue. So that’s OK then. 🙂

Sunday tidy up complete

We did it! We bravely cleared out the wine this weekend. Think I’ll have a break from it now, got some organic Luscombe lemonade on its way yum!

The wine has made some friends

The wine has now brought along a couple of other friends for a party in the fridge! Although as it’s Sunday morning as I type, I’m not going to be drinking it!!! I do have some standards.

How long is that wine gonna last?


Not long, as @harto has uploaded a new vid to My Drunk Kitchen tonight! Cheers! 🙂

Back by special demand!

By special request from the lovely Norma! This one’s for you my lovely! xx

@abelandcole have restored fridge order

Although I know Lord Kenley will be outraged by the Carling. I my defence, it’s not mine. I drink the Luscombe organic drinks.