I have NOT eaten my fridge!

Despite appearances!


I just want to climb inside my fridge

So if anyone would like to come over and help me finish off the fridge contents so i can get inside it you’ll be most welcome. It’s just so darned hot outside!

No milk today …

@abelandcole have stuffed my fridge full


Gorgeous, gorgeous food from Abel and Cole – including organic cola. Yes I know it sounds weird but it’s less sugary than normal coke.

We’re flying sideways

Today the fridge has gone rather surreal … sideways and blurred.

I love looking at things from a different perspective, don’t you?

Hidden Booze – whoever finds it can have it!

First person to email admin at zero-gravity-life dot com telling me what the alcohol is can have it – local delivery only!

Leftover Choc Shock!

Leftover chocolate AND leftover booze – yes it does happen!

PS that energy drink isn’t mine. I don’t know how anyone can put that stuff in their mouth, let alone drink it!